S’about Time.

For the first time, I was asked to explain my view and position regarding JYJ and HoMin/DBSK2/TVXQ2. If you happen to read this, my lovely interviewer, please feel my gratitude since you forced me to finally look at this issue.

And when I read the question, my thought was “ahhh, finally there it is…it’s about time”. My thoughts started racing and I think I paused for a long time, at least long enough for her to notice my hesitation. Then as words like “it’s okay…be honest” popped over, I actually got nervous. The chill has officially turned into “sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, what am I going to say?!?!?”.

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In Honor and in Memory of

Before anything else, though I gave my condolences to Yoochun and his family in twitter, I think I need to honor the incident of his father’s passing, which is essentially the source of this post here again. My thoughts are with you always, Yoochun, but especially through this hardship. Please remain strong and carry through.

**Warning: some religious views may be involved, some rants contained, not trying to prove a point but just expressing my thoughts.

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