Words I’ve Held Way Too Long Inside

For you, to you, with you, Kim Jaejoong. Always. [Constantly updating].


Because I love what you love and dream what you dream, so I am saddened by your melancholy and elated by your happiness.

I figured, at least once in my lifetime, I should forget about myself for someone. Not seeking a happy ending, or a journey where I walk by your side, or a one-time possession, or even you to love me back. I only hope to meet you, during my most beautiful years in life.

This is exactly what growing up feels like, painful while blissful. You need to accept and endure all the pain that this world is giving you, and mature fearlessly.

When we give up dignity, change our personal traits, and loosen our stubbornness, it’s all because we can’t let go of a certain someone.

What you’ve once had, don’t forget. What you now hold, don’t give up.


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