[Info] Translations for Tarantallegra’s Fan Analysis

I want to begin by saying that all the comments and views are very humbling. Having readers tell me that they saw my post through comments on various sites really moved me, and are certainly not what I expected when first posting it. Several readers have commented or tweeted to request and/or offer translation into various languages, all of which I have ecstatically agreed to.

This is a post to honor all the translators and their translations, and I will update as soon as I get notified ^^

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Tarantallegra: What Music Would You Listen To? (A Fan Analysis)

**What follows is merely a fan’s perspective on the meanings behind the song and the music video. Discussions are welcomed! ^^

Tarantallegra: a magic spell that causes uncontrollable dance. (Cr. CjesJYJ Youtube)

Etymology: The Tarantella is a dance originating in Italy. It was believed to cure the effects of the bite of a Tarantula by causing the victim to sweat out the toxin. It wasn’t until centuries later that scientists determined the Black Widow was actually the venomous spider in question; people merely blamed the Tarantula because of its size.  Allegra may be derived from allegro, a musical tempo meaning “quick and lively”; or simply from the word “leg” as this is the only body part affected by the jinx. (Cr. Harry Potter Wiki)

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To All of You…

To all of you whom think you might be able to break us and those three boys we love,

You, whoever you may be, are wrong.

From difficult situations form stronger and more faithful bonds, from ill-intentioned environments grow warriors who will never give up and never back down. And you are forcing us, through all of your terrible acts, to be better supporters, firmer believers, and fiercer fighters.

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Idols’ Inherent Distances Due to Packaging

**Inspired by Are K-Pop Idols Stupid? by Patricia. Strongly suggested read. It’s well-written and a good source of thought food, enjoy!

So I recently went from a full-on Triple S to an insane Cassie going head over heels for JYJ and DBSK. I honestly went through a severe guilt phase, especially whenever I look at my SS501 collections in passing. How and why, I’ve wondered, was I able to make such quick transitions? Was I not as attached to SS501 as I imagined? Continue reading