To All of You…

To all of you whom think you might be able to break us and those three boys we love,

You, whoever you may be, are wrong.

From difficult situations form stronger and more faithful bonds, from ill-intentioned environments grow warriors who will never give up and never back down. And you are forcing us, through all of your terrible acts, to be better supporters, firmer believers, and fiercer fighters.

We have been through so much already, but we never once frailed. Remember those silent days you created when we were unable to hear anything – no news, no songs, and no activities – from them? We endured with great faith, knowing and believing that they will one day return. And they returned, with glory and pride.

How about those obstacles you created when they were trying to organize concerts? Yes, they were certainly unable to perform as many times as they would have liked in familiar countries, but your hindrance instigated their movements abroad, leading them to a much larger stage – a stage of the world. They got to tighten our bonds and to spread their music as well as their influences globally.

This world is too big to put under your palm. And we are all spread across this globe, linked by an enormous web of trust that stemmed from our seeds of love for three angels from heaven: Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.

And now, this mere injustice in charting and television appearance will not have any chance to thin our bonds, break our faith, or shake our love. Yes, you had us in tears once. But those tears watered our souls and fueled our hearts.

You think you can break us? Think again.




6 thoughts on “To All of You…

  1. Just want to say that these words completely mirrored my thoughts…really I cannot tell you how much this post touched my heart…I have posted this to gapp in jyj3 while crediting you…I hope that is okay…
    Do you have a twitter by any chance?

  2. Hi,
    That’s no problem :). Glad to know my words can touch someone! My twitter is @knotname, feel free to follow me, but I’m much looser in structure in my tweets (ie, I spazz a lot)

  3. Wow. Just wow. I teared up (a lil’ bit, like those really annoying lone, single tear that floats in air when a manga heroine cries.) reading this. A short, poignant piece that brought a smile to my face in the end! Like those movies, where the trampled are putting their hands in and shouting ”WE CAN DO THIS!” This is definitely that moment for me.

    PS: You prolly found your very own stalker reader. Just a heads up 😛

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading! ^^ I meant this to be a sort of emotional short piece and I’m glad that it did instigate some reaction 🙂
      Haha, no writers deters attention and of course I would love to hear your thoughts on the various things I write! I am not a very frequent writer, as you could probably tell already, but I’ll keep posting!

  4. These words shall be our anthem. When you try to break us down we come back stronger, only stronger. There are more of us today than all our yesterdays, there will be even more tomorrow. And onward we go. You can’t stop this fandom. It knows exactly what it wants and it will have it, come hell or high water.

    • Hi,
      I’m glad you find this post meaningful! ^^ And I really love your added comment. It is precisely that this fandom formed in a time of turmoil that made us so strong!

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