Tarantallegra: What Music Would You Listen To? (A Fan Analysis)

**What follows is merely a fan’s perspective on the meanings behind the song and the music video. Discussions are welcomed! ^^

Tarantallegra: a magic spell that causes uncontrollable dance. (Cr. CjesJYJ Youtube)

Etymology: The Tarantella is a dance originating in Italy. It was believed to cure the effects of the bite of a Tarantula by causing the victim to sweat out the toxin. It wasn’t until centuries later that scientists determined the Black Widow was actually the venomous spider in question; people merely blamed the Tarantula because of its size.  Allegra may be derived from allegro, a musical tempo meaning “quick and lively”; or simply from the word “leg” as this is the only body part affected by the jinx. (Cr. Harry Potter Wiki)


If you happen to follow me on twitter (@Knotname), you would know that I had a very strong first impression on what this song and its music video are trying to get across. Though I continue to hold such thoughts, I have discovered more intricate layers of unsaid messages as I looped the video indefinitely. In retrospect, what I originally thought was nothing but only a small supplementary portion of Junsu’s message.

Well, let’s start with my initial impression. First time through the video and the lyrics (http://jyj3.net/2012/05/13/video-junsu-official-mv-tarantallegra-full-ver/), I thought Tarantallegra was a statement to the current K-Pop industry, where all music begin to sound the same and the audience mindlessly following meaningless trends. Under monetary pressure, the artists are making music to follow such trends in order to please the public who had no idea why they enjoyed it in the first place. This vicious cycle makes voices lost, and Junsu and Junho’s purpose is to point it out.

This is a very superficial read of the lyrics and the music video. Junho, Junsu’s twin brother and the lyricist, says this quite blatantly in the lyrics, “Music is all the same everywhere/It cannot escape from that format/But my standard is different from you/The world is gradually moving faster/The trend will change in the blink of an eye”. However, once I moved further down through the lyrics, I cannot help but gain a sense that a message regarding JYJ’s recent difficulties also exists within the song. As you all know, JYJ is currently under a lot of restrictions and discrimination in South Korea, where they could not perform on television, their music videos could not be aired, and this recent case of charting injustice. And the lyrics talk about it pretty straight on, “Now aren’t you tired of the world controlled by them”.

Enough about trivial understandings and moving onto something (perhaps) a little deeper.

After looping for about five hours straight (I wonder if I’ll ever grow tired of the song?), I’ve gathered that Tarantallegra has multiple central ideas:

  1. The need to bring music back to its roots
  2. Junsu’s intention of unbounding himself
  3. “What music would you listen to?”

Please do note that all the ideas can (and should) be extended to broader topics beyond music, but for the purpose of this analysis, I will be keeping it within said scope ^^.

Bringing Music Back to Its Roots

One of the things Tarantallegra points out is the necessity to strip this thing called music down to its barest form, and bring it back in its rawest shape. Phrases in the lyrics such as “Let’s enjoy/Be intoxicated with music/So what/The music/You will feel it” says it all. The reason why music exists in the first place is to entertain, to release people of their emotions, to bring people onto their feet and enjoy a good time. Music in and of itself is, ultimately, tarantallegra.

Granted, Tarantallegra is a fancy piece – there were some audio refinements (including auto-tune) and rich background music (gotta love the strings) – and may make you think that this song does not align with its message. But it is precisely the strong beats, the flare in Junsu’s voice and Flowsik’s rap that speeds up one’s pulse and immerse with the music. It is about taking music away from the usual love-related topics, and let the sounds – the rawest form of music – take control. This leads me to another point: The goal of this song and music video is to make it a tarantallegra.

This is evident from the beginning – Tarantallegra is meant to be captivating. We don’t need Flowik to say “Xia get them” to understand this. I’ll boldly say this: I think Junsu and the staff succeeded. The song itself is a spell, it pulls the audience into an alternative world of beauty and raw emotions, even some parts of the song sound other-worldly. One interpretation of the spider scene is that Junsu is capturing all of the audience in this web called music, which serves as a wonderful link back to the etymology – that tarantallegra stems from the words tarantula and allegro.

(Gif Cr. ♥김준수 @Angelxiaholic)

Well, Junsu himself knew that he had successfully placed a spell on the audience through this song – his victorious smirk in the end says it all.

(Gif Cr. Ruki the Eyi @EyikuR_1224)

Junsu’s Intention of Unbounding Himself

On Youtube comments, I constantly see things in the lines of “This is really gay” or “I think I’ve found Mr. Gaga”. I highly doubt Junsu actually wanted to say something about gender, but rather he is using it as an avenue to get his point across, especially since people are so sensitive to those kinds of hints nowadays. Throughout the lyrics, phrases that follow tarantallegra all refers to indulging oneself into music, to release bounds and to enjoy the moment. In the previous section, I’ve covered the first, and now moving onto releasing oneself from limitations.

I know throughout the music video it seems that Junsu really wanted to discuss sexuality, especially with all the catwalks and suggestive movements by dancers of both genders. However, though it may seem sexy on the surface, all the tensions in Junsu’s gestures don’t seem to stem from sexuality to me, but rather his desire to break free. When he twists his body, what I see is this sharp emotion of struggle and of defiance. Instead of using a soft melody to share his tears, he chooses a distinctive allegro that describes his pain under such restraints and uses his body to showcase these feelings.

In the opening scene where he sits on the throne, the vibe that Junsu gives off is that of a dominating figure who is above all. However, he is also heavily bounded – here come the second (and I think the better) interpretation of the spider/web scene. Junsu is limited by himself, because of his extant image as an idol and a public figure, there are things he could not say in words or in his music. As those dancers strip him from the web, Junsu is freed from his own bindings; and on his face, that commanding look again.

(Jpg Cr. Junsu Baidu)

This constraint is also illustrated in the scene where all the dancers are holding cameras around Junsu – the watchful and judging eyes around him imposes great pressure – his facial expression and the way he exerts power through his arm signify all the strain and frustration. I feel that it may be a statement towards the sasaeng fans and their unrelenting watch. And this is where I had a sudden realization that all of this connects back to the etymology – tarantallegra is the dance that cures the bite of the tarantula. If Junsu himself and the standards around him are the tarantula, then his dance speaks all about his freedom and nothing else – Tarantallegra is his cure from this “bite”. What really says it all is the scene later where Junsu also takes on the camera, where he poses question and judges those standards around him; at that moment, he is no longer bounded.

(Gifs Cr. ♥김준수 @Angelxiaholic)

Remember that scene where Junsu is being touched by multiple hands and all Junsu-bias went screaming “noooooooooo”? Yes, the scene was arousing and many of us wanted to be the ones who were touching him, but don’t forget his eyes – even when he was caressed by so many, his eyes were cold, unmoved and filled with indestructible strength. With so much influences and desires around him, Junsu remains unswayed with his firm faith. This is definitely something that is present throughout the music video – while so much suggestive movements are ongoing, Junsu’s expression is never wavering. It’s always composed, calm, and in control.

Pointed out by emm gee in comments, the back-up dancers are all interesting picks. The male dancers look fairly feminine while the females dancers possess strong features – both countering gender stereotypes. She further suggested that this may be Junsu’s way of breaking the sourceless trends of what is called “beautiful” and thus releasing the audience from such bindings.

Now, let’s talk about that drop of tear. Within this powerful atmosphere throughout the music video, this tear seems to be out of place as tears are seen as a sign of weakness. However, in this scene, this drop of tear is not sadness or cowardice but rather his strength so that even during unbearable pain he would not let his emotion overtake him – he is still, after all, dictating himself. As a reader commented below (dbullock @___djb___), this Junsu in tear most closely resembles the AngelSu that all of us love and are used to – the bangs, the lesser make up, the non-flaring expression. Notice that the old angel-like Junsu is behind glass and in confinement while the new devilish and dominating Junsu is dancing freely, enjoying his tarantallegra.

(Gif Cr. Ruki the Eyi @EyikuR_1224)

The female Junsu that instigated so much reaction in comments everywhere, I think, resembles the ultimate boundary that this world sets for itself; and by crossing that, Junsu is above all control. There is also another reading too: Since women are generally viewed as figures that are quiet, obedient and generally lacking self-control in traditional Asian cultures, this female Junsu represents the previous Xiah who was under company control and the current Junsu who  is under so much ban and restriction in the K-Pop industry.

Throughout the whole music video, Junsu has made leaps beyond the AngelSu that I was used to. The heavy make-up, revealing clothing, and the choreography that requires every inch of him was nothing like I have ever seen before. Going back to the sexuality comments on Youtube, these extraordinary attempts that Junsu made in this music video serve nothing other than saying: He is going beyond all the preset boundaries and truly breaking free.

“What Music Would You Listen To?”

And this question posed throughout the song, “what music would you listen to?” really glues everything I’ve discussed thus far into one. In an industry where music deviated from something that touches souls and changes lives to something so superficial it erases individuality, it is necessary for the audience to realize what moves them, instead of mindlessly following the so-called trend. In this sense, the public is emancipated from these blinding stereotypes on what is “good music” and instead listening to what truly shakes their souls – what music really is. In short, the music you would listen to is your tarantallegra, it’s whatever puts you on your feet and sets you free.

———————————————–End of all serious thinking.

To those who have made it this far, thank you for reading. I hope you find this to be, at least in the slightest bit, enjoyable. Some thought food perhaps? Please feel free to discuss in comments, I would love to hear what you think! ^^




150 thoughts on “Tarantallegra: What Music Would You Listen To? (A Fan Analysis)

  1. I want to echo what everyone else has said about your analysis of the MV. Spot on! I too was directed here by a comment post on JYJ.net and also saw a mention of it on a comment post on Seoulbeats. After reading it, I come away with a huge sense of clarity. You really hit the nail on the head when you point in the direction that Junsu is wanting people to enjoy music for it’s own sake. Appreciate what the artist is giving you. Let the artist have the freedom to give what he/she wants to give.

    I come from a time and place, when my generation was gifted with music that did just that, touched your soul. It was all around you. As much as I find the kpop scene interesting, it simply is too formulated. When Junsu and his brothers left to become free to pursue their creative dreams, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were ready to move on. JYJ, and now Junsu in particular, are showing they have moved on. Nothng pleases me more than this.

    Thank you again for sharing your intriguing comments. And what a lovely, lyrical moniker…Lylis. 🙂

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading! I’m glad that you find it worthwhile ^^ I think you summed it up better than I did; and yes, I was very moved when realizing Junsu and Junho’s message.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading! And I’m really happy to see that my perspective sits right with you ^^ Thank you for offering to passing it on!

      • What a wonderful mature analysis! It’s both wonderful and refreshing to see KPOP dissected in this abstract fashion. I have a friend who is heavily into Kpop and she emailed me Junsu’s video. I’m familiar with some of it, but it isn’t really my thing. Junsu’s vision on the other hand, really impressed me. I’ve always been drawn to the Avant Garde and he is definitely someone who is not afraid to take risks! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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  4. one of the scene that caught ny attention (out of so many) was the camera scene. to me the way it was the dancers who were the one filming him before he took one of the camera n filmed them, it was like him made a statement, like, you know, “you all used to watched me (i dont really thought abt the sasaeng, but more to medias, reporters, those evil watchers who keep watching him/them n wait he/them stumbled or make mistake n attack them), now i’m going to break the barrier, i could fight my rights (thus he took the camera), i wont just do what others do, i care less what you all gonna talked or picturizing me as, this is me, and this is how i do things” =)

    sigh, i dont even know if i make sense or not, but the 1st time i watched the MV n didnt understand a thing n cant even heard the song clearly (i was at work) those dancers with cameras sorrounding him, was the scene that make me “hey.. is he tried to say something abt their situation as celebs, as JYJ with this song n MV?” and then go to google to see if someone post a trans of the song.

  5. I love your analysis! daebak! it made me understand the MV more..

    … In short, the music you would listen to is your tarantallegra, it’s whatever puts you on your feet and sets you free…<<<but for me this line sums it all up! i've got a million (uh, okay, a few :XD) interpretations running on my mind upon reading this line and relate it to their current situation, music nowadays and the k-pop in general..should i say thank you to JunSu for making my head ache thinking about the meaning of the song and the MV? …what the heck! THANK YOU JunSu for coming up with this MV..and Junho for writing this! :))

    and you Lylis for the wonderful analysis!

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading! That last line is meant to carry multiple applications ^^ One thing I tried to hint (and I don’t know whether if people see it) is that this “music” that I refer to throughout the post could essentially be anything: the things you hear, the things you do, the people around you, etc. Though I do think that might be overreading it, it’s still inspiring that Junsu’s message is applicable to so much! ^^

      • exactly! hence, my multiple interpretations too resulting to my head aching…lol…i’m like “aren’t i reading too much between the lines of the song?”…

        .oh well..whatever stimulates one to act or to go or to think or to say whatever, when ever, where ever and to whoever and in so doing freeing themselves, then that stimulant is their “music”..

        how come i wanna shout “FREEDOM..!!!??” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! (Uh, excuse my silly joke! LOL)


        • wait…! why do i sound like i am paraphrasing you? waaaaahhh…! ^^; can i blame Junsu and Tarantallegra??.(^_^);

        • @simplyme

          I believe great art, music, dance, etc. has that exact effect on the viewer/listener. It’s supposed to be stimulating, thought provoking, emotionally moving. It’s supposed to “give you ideas.” Junsu’s song Tarantallegra does all of those things.

  6. Thanks for your insightful review. I love what Junsu has created for this album, and what he expresses. It is what I love and respect about him and JYJ: art is true expression, having the courage and will to break shackles, boundaries. That is why his MV is so powerful to emerge from kpop culture that is steeped in conformity, lack of artisitic freedom, and rooted in making money and not really music.

    • @JT
      “That is why his MV is so powerful to emerge from kpop culture that is steeped in conformity, lack of artisitic freedom, and rooted in making money and not really music.”

      Wow. Rarely have I seen as sharp an observation ans summation of the relevant facts than yours. Bravo!

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  8. Oh my goodness, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful analysis! As I was watching the music video, I just knew there must be so much meaning beneath the surface. You have extracted that meaning perfectly, and I have fallen in love with the song and music video even more because of it.

    And I agree with Junsu, it is important to find the music that shakes the soul. Music is very subjective, and anything from bubblegum pop to heavy metal can have an impact. The important thing is to listen to music that feels good, rather than simply following the trends.

    I also believe a good song cannot be hidden or buried away, no matter how imposing the opponents of it may be. They can chip away at the letters from his name, and throw barriers in his path, but nothing will stop us from listening to Junsu’s music.

  9. I honestly love this. Thank you for writing such a profound and in-depth analysis of Tarantallegra. As a person bearing of the same opinion that you have regarding the MV- I gave a brief overview of it to my friend the day of the MV’s release- I am, admittedly, relieved that I’m not the only one who holds the same opinions.

    I think the reason why the fans, viewers, etc who disliked the MV for Tarantallegra and found it too ‘weird’, ‘shocking’, ‘too Lady GaGa-ish’ and ‘gay’ (this comment particularly irritates me due to its loaded implications) is that, with the risk of sounding like an elitist, the MV does require an analytical eye. I’ve always considered JYJ and Junsu as true artists- another reason why I support them so whole-heartedly, and with this being the case, I do not believe that Junsu’s choices in this MV were purely for aesthetic reasons and were executed haphazardly. It requires careful observation and a knowledge and consideration of what they are going through at this moment, of what they wish to be, and of what they desire to achieve, perhaps both as a person and artist in the industry. For those used to, as you’ve stated, meaningless MVs that, I’ll say, are mostly full of fluff and eyecandies, I can understand where the aversion to Tarantallegra may come from.

    But this will never sway me from my love to that MV. Aside from the song itself, that MV left me speechless! And on this note, so is your review. Thank you, once again.

    I’m going to post this on jyjsoul.tumblr.com as well, if you don’t mind. Credits and my admiration goes to you. ^^

    • Hi,
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your opinion! I really appreciate it ^^ I agree with you wholeheartedly that the reason that people may be deterred to further understand it is the initial visual boldness throughout the mv, and yes, it does require the fans to sit down and slowly comprehend it.
      Please feel free to disperse this to anywhere you’d like, as long as you credit! ^^ I’m glad that my words can do a little for Junsu 🙂

    • @somniorum

      I must agree with you on all points. This is the problem I have with K-Pop in general and with its devotees – they seem relentlessly addicted to the superficial, empty, all surface flash with no depth or meaning in their music choices. Being shamelessly ripped off by the big SK entertainment companies like SM is just fine with them. To acknowledge that they are being cheated of a legitimate and artistically valid musical experience with depth and nuance would require way too much thinking. They’d rather watch multiple leggy, half clad female toothpicks posing, strutting and pouting in a video — that’s just about right for them.

      JYJ has always taken their music to another level. Of course Junsu, competitive to a fault, would take it just a few notches higher and I applaud him. He’s behaved admirably while Chunnie and Jae stole the spotlight with their dramas and films. Now it’s HIS turn to show his stuff. I think we’re all rooting for him to kick major ass. I know I am.

      • @ilibaiyu
        I love it when readers respond to each other! And I very much agree with what you’ve said. It is precisely the challenges that were imposed on them that they are taking bold steps and becoming the innovators they are today. They are no longer afraid to break rules, and let the true music inside of them shine ^^

      • @lilibaiyu

        I could not agree more. I personally do find it a little saddening that masses seemingly prefer highly superficial MV fodders rather than thought-provoking ones that break boundaries and redefine preexisting concepts. This same reason is also why I’m ever so proud of being a JYJ fan. Sure, from time to time they lose their footing on some things, but most of the time, I do believe that JYJ’s remarkable artistic talents in music shine brilliantly. It baffles me at times, really, how some could miss this. This is raw talent at its finest!

        Their successes may not always be in the charts, but JYJ is creating their own legacy. They don’t need these manipulated charts when their successes are laid out in the open for the world to witness. 🙂

        @Lylis: So humble on such a fantastic job! ^^
        Also, ah yes~ But JYJ has always been a bold bunch. After all, that was the reason why they stepped out of SM’s grasp. They’re just getting bolder and bolder, artistically. It’s really an amazing sight to witness these three amazing, talented men shed the previous shells that bounded them to merely another dot in the doll schema in Kpop and valiantly create and pursue their own artistic individuality. :’)

        • @somniorum
          Trying not to over-praise JYJ (which I really can’t stop doing), but in a way they are revolutionizing music industry’s structure First, this exposing injustice in charting (which I doubt only started with JYJ), which made the public realize how blind we really are – as if there are people feeding us the music we could and couldn’t hear. Second, because of the restrictions imposed on them, JYJ were forced (quite literally) to find different ways to attract audience and get their music out to the world – which has resulted in absolutely brilliant work (case in point: tarantallegra ^^)

        • @somniorum
          “They don’t need these manipulated charts when their successes are laid out in the open for the world to witness.”

          True true. I so agree. 🙂 And may I just say, thank GOD for the internet. Only now in this time could JYJ have done what they did, dodging SM’s virtual stranglehold on the SK entertainment media, etc. etc. in collusion with Japan’s entertainment giant AVEX, to make an end run around the edges and dive straight into the arms of a huge, waiting, exuberant global audience. Brilliant. And worthy of vast and historic levels of reward and notoriety. This is the thing for me: no K-pop group has ever deserved world fame and acclamation like JYJ and its members. Their valiant fight against near impossible odds immediately makes them role models and ground-breakers as artists for generations to come.

          You said: “It’s really an amazing sight to witness these three amazing, talented men shed the previous shells that bounded them to merely another dot in the doll schema in Kpop and valiantly create and pursue their own artistic individuality.”

          Once again, I couldn’t agree more.

          • @Lylis

            Oh gosh, I am so terribly afraid that I may be overpraising them so much sometimes too that I constantly have to remind restraint on myself. But it’s difficult not to, not when they’re actually this exceptional on whatever they attempt to achieve! I completely agree with you on JYJ’s revolutionizing the music industry on more ways than one. As for the second point, oh boy, JYJ’s just too much for our artistically-hungry hearts. What I love though, is how they always strive to improve all the time. It’s like there’s a ladder stemming out of ‘Brilliant’, and they are always climbing that, always striving towards perfection with nothing but evident, sheer hard work and indisputable effort. So incredibly admirable!


            “Their valiant fight against near impossible odds immediately makes them role models and ground-breakers as artists for generations to come.” This exactly! Luck also plays a role, most certainly. And accompanied with their talents (kind and good personalities notwithstanding; they’re honor students in this department already), and it’s almost like JYJ was destined to succeed almost from the start. 😉 x

          • @lilibaiyu and somniorum
            I think I need to change the font on this site…Garamond is beautiful but painful to read at such small size. Back to spazzing over JYJ though, I really can’t wait for this new album that is apparently scheduled for recording (or release?) in August! I can’t be more excited to see what surprise they have in bag for us, especially given Junsu’s exceptional album.

          • @Both of you lovely ladies

            I think it’s fine, but I have a preference for small fonts. 😛 Whatever works for you ^^

            Oh my goodness, yes! And apparently JJ and YC also have plans on releasing their own solo albums as well? We’re going to have a spazz fest 24/7!

          • @you two wonderful people
            I’ll see if anyone else complains then, haha. I agree, I really can’t wait for Jaejoong and Yoochun’s solo albums either (especially Jaejoong’s…omanmygodlybias. Excuse my fangirl moment)!!!! Do either of you happen to have a twitter? I would love to talk more, but I think we might run out of nests on the replies soon ^^

          • @Lylis

            Yes, of course I have a Twitter account – @lilibaiyu – I’d love to chat more but please understand that I am not routinely on top of it; too many other things to do and not enough time. But if I see a post of yours, I will respond to it always.

          • @Lylis

            That’s okay, I understand. I am constantly in that fangirl moment with these three ;A;. They’re just, ahhh, almost too good to be true! And yes~ Mine is clc1226 🙂

            Haha, ‘nests’. That’s a good term. It got so narrow!

          • I’ve followed both of you ^^
            No worries ^^ Thank you for all of your comments and responses!!
            Haha, they really ARE almost too good to be true! T^T I’m currently looking for people whom I can spazz with ^^ I don’t have many friends who are as into JYJ as I am xD Yeah this is getting super narrow…going over to twitter now ^^

          • Followed both of you as well~! ^^


            Oh goodness, I hope you don’t get overwhelmed with the spazzing you’re about to engage with me. I spazz about JYJ so much, even my best friend has now become a fan because of my ridiculous newly developed talent of somehow managing to include JYJ into every conversation, LOL…

          • @Lylis and @somnioran

            I’m on Facebook all day every day. 🙂 Janet Morrison Minto and Lovebeadsbyjp are where you will find me. I would love to chat with both of you some more. Or tell me when you’re on Twitter and I’ll make a point of going there. Cheers!

          • @somnioran
            No fear ^^ I’m rather afraid that you might get deterred by my spazzing though xD
            I’ve added you on fb! My dp is a rubber duck in a cup of tea ^^

          • @lilibaiyu I added you as well! The initials are C.C. ^^
            It would be a pleasure to chat with both of you as well! This convo is enjoyable ^^


            I’m afraid that it might actually become the other way around! Let me add you on fb as well~! I’ll DM you the email add you can search me with~ ^^

          • @Lylis
            “even my best friend has now become a fan because of my ridiculous newly developed talent of somehow managing to include JYJ into every conversation”

            lolol I’m with you. I was attempting to relay a message to my husband today that our mortgage broker had called and left a message: I called him Lee Soo Man by mistake.

  10. I am very grateful to you
    Your analysis really helped me, I really love Junsu. the initial release of this album teaser I was shocked and disappointed to see the concept. Tarantalegra release and then I watch it. I was very amazed at Xiah Junsu but I still feel a lot of irregularities in my mind. about the concept of MV and the dance, on dancer, on the appearance of Junsu, Junsu about the tears that show. so I was very curious, the song and MV is not possible be in vain but certainly full of ideas. I think what is actually delivered by Junsu who want to through a song and MV Tarantalegra. because there are many people who argue against him superficially. they say that this is just about gay, repugnant, something that is inappropriate for reassembly. I am very sad about it. because I know it’s definitely not want to say Junsu. I want to explain it to them but I sendri not get the answer because I was not a good at observing. then I found your article and your analysis to answer my curiosity very well. I strongly agree with your thoughts because your thoughts are very substantive and detailed. once again thank you and now I can answer them who scorn Xiah Junsu. you are so amazing,, Lylis ^^9

    I will always support and loving Xiah Junsu and of course TVXQ OT5 overall support ^ ^
    for me they are the best musicians ^^

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  13. Thank you soooo much for the in-depth analysis of Tarantallegra…I totally love your analysis and am in awe that you can read between the lines even the smallest details such as the tears and etc..

    This help me understand more about the mv and the song..

    But is it too much to hope that you can do review on the whole album? XD i would love to read what are your thoughts on the other songs as well.. =D

    anyway, great job! *two thumbs up and 5-stars for the analysis*

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading and commenting! I actually have only been looping the songs and haven’t read through the lyrics of songs other than “Tarantallegra” (shame on me). I’m a pretty lazy writer who only writes when inspired ^^ And I’m generally more fond of analyzing visuals than just words though, but if I do get the urge to write about the album, I will. (Sorry, I guess that was a very ambiguous response ^^;)

  14. It’s ok ^^ I totally IN LOVE with your analysis that it makes me want to read it again n again haha…kudos to you for reviewing this w/ such a strong point and thus eventho you are a fan, your analysis doesnt sound too bias if you get what I mean..hehe..

    Last but not least, I really love your review *did i mention that already?* =D

  15. You speak my mind and thoughts for this MV, really sophisticated review. and this mv is also link really well with all the songs in the whole album, don’t you think? It speaks for itself and as a whole. I think this album is a masterpiece of art and Junsu has done a really good job. thank you a lot for this amazing analysis

  16. the “spider” scene with arms, as you called it, looks a bit different for me. Junsu is there like moving statue of Kali. The mother of life and death. The supresor of demons, whose anger towards evil is greater than the world itself.
    Being Kali is being the time itself. older than time and the world. Kali also means black, because she was created earlier than the world and light. so Junsu would be the root of the existence itself here.

    on the other hand, Junsu might be here not Kali, but Shiva, manly version. the Supreme God. also portrayed with a lot of hands. Shiva, who is the creator, preserver, destroyer, concealer, and revealer.

    However you will look at this, he is the creator here. He is everything. a woman, a man. Eternal (foggy scenes in slow motion) and real (sexual dancing scenes) “being”. He has taken life and death in his own hands.

    and surely, he is captivating, real tantric god of music.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for reading and your input! ^^ I can see where you are coming from and have seen others have that interpretation also! The reason I saw it as a spider is because it fits well with the etymology and the later scene with the clear tubes – but no interpretation is wrong, since this is a pure work of art! xD And yes, Junsu is a god of music. \o/

  17. i always has been a big fan of DBSK (the five) and since they separated, i decided to support JYJ with all of my heart bcoz they are really struggling out there on their own. I know their music always had something to say to the fans and thats why i love their songs from the start. I really enjoy the music video tarantallegra and after reading this analysis, it’s just making me love them even more and they will have my support until the end. Thank u for writing this analysis, you are one of the people who would give the music a chance without making rash comments from what seen from general. Luv u~~GO DBSK (the five) and JYJ~~~~!!!!

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