Love What They Love, Dream What They Dream

**For information regarding Jaejoong’s rumors and this internal JYJ fanwar mainly between JFU and PFU, please refer to this site:

This recent fanwar between JFU (Kim Jaejoong Fan Union) and PFU (Park Yoochun Fan Union) really drew a lot of sighs out of me. It saddened me deeply but also slapped me awake from this revolutionist fantasy that I had held for the JYJ fandom.

Call me crazy, but I’ve always looked at the JYJ fandom as a band of sisters and brothers, something more than simple fanmates, who have endured so much together and hold much stronger bonds than other fandoms. But it seems, now, all like a mockery. I didn’t know that this JYJ fandom has diverged so much for the initial purity and grown into such diverse group with so many cliques.

Of course, with the three members maturing in their separate field and as their individual activities increase, it is certain to say that they will attract fans individually. And it is likely that these fans will not hold the same level of love and respect towards JYJ as a whole since when the boys were introduced to them, they are Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu or Kim Jaejoong, and not JYJ’s Yoochun, Junsu or Jaejoong. So certainly, I wouldn’t blame them for not going head over heels for the other two members.

My problem lies with the term respect and what qualifies as love.

This fanwar, as well as many rumors/issues/flaming we had before, was initiated under the forever-glowing name of love. Because Chunsas felt that Yoochun isn’t getting his fair share of CFs as some CFs given to Yoochun were rejected, and thus under the influence of baseless rumors, these fans begin to defend Yoochun. Well, there’s nothing wrong with protecting, but once they change from defense to offense and begin flaming the other two members as well as C-jes, there’re problems.

Think about this, if you are so hurt from seeing your much-loved idol suffering from potential income loss, how horrible would your idol feel to see his fans using wince-worthy terms to attack someone he loves and holds dearly to his heart? And his pain inflicts even more fan reaction – this vicious cycle does nothing but harm. And who started it? The fans who held good intentions and just wanted to help their idol.

To me, these Chunsas almost seem like fans that don’t understand, trust, or even respect Yoochun. If you understand Yoochun, you would know that he doesn’t want his fans to initiate pain onto his brothers, friends and his company. If you trust Yoochun, you would believe that he would make the best decision for himself. And if you respect Yoochun, you wouldn’t tweet him and call him stupid – even if it is from love. Yes, you may be distressed, but you shouldn’t react with such intensity and even begin to hurt others.

Don’t ever use love as the excuse of any hurtful acts. Because when pain is inflicted, it doesn’t matter what the reason was; and protection through means of harming the ones they hold dear will never make them feel loved.

Yes, silence encourages the tormentor and never the tormented. The problem is, if we break our silence due to baseless rumors, we are not acting to help the tormented but rather becoming the tormentor. As for JFU’s action, I agree with their statement to C-jes, since the company is the only one right now that can clear confusion and potentially settle this fanwar. However, it is important not to fire back directly to the Chunsas as that will only create more anger and agony – reinforce your love for Jaejoong through encouragement and positivity, not through rudeness towards the Chunsas. During a time of turmoil like this, it is easy to generalize and attack. But please remember, what some Chunsas did do not represent the whole Yoochun fandom, nor do their actions equate to Yoochun himself.

My fear, and not meaning to create conspiracy, is that the way that JYJ fandom is acting right now sits so well with all JYJ’s enemies. Idols and groups won’t have influence without a stable fanbase. With this internal fanwar going on, JYJ fandom is more unstable than ever – before we were able to point at certain outsides and bond strongly within ourselves, but now we are pointing fingers and blaming each other. Who knows where these rumors first come from? The internet is such a terrible source for reliable information, anyone can be sitting behind the screen. While all the external pressures are already exerting terrible stress on JYJ and the fandom, why are we creating wars base on unreliable rumors and making ourselves even weaker?

The most blessed idols are not the ones with fans whom support them in whatever they do and are the most responsive towards any incidents, but the ones with fans whom possess reason, are able to critique constructively, to forgive, to grow together with their idols, and to guide their idols back on the right tracks when necessary. Because such idols don’t just have fans, they have friends, mentors, and family.

Whether if you are an one-member fan, JYJer, couple shipper or whatnot, if you sincerely say that you love him/them, please, for the love of everything good in this world, love what they love and dream what they dream.

—————————————–As a goal to strive for.


Lylis (@Knotname)


One thought on “Love What They Love, Dream What They Dream

  1. I thought Chunsas were a group of devoted ajummas, but it’s hard to believe if middle-aged ladies were picking fights against other fans -___-; Sigh, I don’t know what to think of the whole situation..

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