About Lylis:

Hugwhore. Been extant for around two decades now. Often feel like an old mind trapped in a young body. Love tea, books, and calming things alike. Subconsciously semi-suicidal, cases in point include but not limited to: constant willingness to conduct extreme sport activities such as skydiving, hang gliding and more. Possess unstable patterns of phasing in and out of fangirl mode. Enjoy men, especially competent ones with feminine appearance but masculine at heart. Generally non-offensive, but nasty towards people who lack self-respect. Can be found mostly on twitter @Knotname.

About Lylisia:

A place for opinions to be voiced and thoughts to be expressed. Much rants and existential crises will take place, as well as gradual confusion throughout a post (ie, the author starts developing ideas as she types on without going back to check for coherency). Goal is to be a peaceful hideout from the cruel reality, and hopefully entertaining at times for readers. Responses are welcomed, the author would love to hold discussions via comment board.


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